How To Tackle Low GPA'

Check Whether Your GPA is actually low : Believe it or not, even low GPAs have a range. A low

GPA can mean anything from a not so great GPA to an absolutely terrible GPA. There are firms who want at least 60%. There are firms which desire at least 70 and so on. If your GPA meets these requirements you will be able to secure an interview.


If Your GPA Really is low : Ok, bad news first – your if GPA is actually below average, then you might not make the cut for some firms that visit your campus, as mentioned before some companies have an iron bound GPA cut off. It’s better if you refrain from applying to those companies in the first place. Apply to those firms who don’t have a GPA cut off.


Highlight Your Major GPA : Your overall or aggregate may be low, but your major GPA might be high. Or you might have struck gold in those subjects which are relevant to the position or firm you are applying to. If so emphasize them!


Offer Free Volunteering : If you don’t get an internship, offer to do a free volunteering. If you manage to outperform, then you might end up with a PPO or Pre Placement Offer!.


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