Have you always dreamed of being an entrepreneur? Always wanted to own and run a business of your own someday? Always wanted to be your own boss? Then an MBA might just be the course for you!


A Master of Business Administration degree is the gateway for many who wants to land up in the corporate field, it can also be a way to fast track to senior management roles if you are a working professional. But how about going for an MBA if you want to do neither of those things?


Did you know that even if you do not want to become a corporate hotshot, an MBA can still be beneficial for you? An MBA is more than just a professional degree, a gateway to the corporate world, it also can become the stepping stone to your entrepreneurial ambitions.


  • Networking : One of the chief values of an MBA is that it gives you plenty of opportunities to network and make useful connections with professionals and veterans of your industry. Usually B Schools or Business Schools hold numerous seminars and industry interfaces through which you can build up connections with executives of top companies, established industrialists who can go on to become the support for your startup. Moreover since most of the MBA coursework consists of group projects you have an opportunity to meet and forge relationships with like minded people who can go on to become your co founders.
  • Provides Hands on Experience : The MBA is in essence a practical professional course which provides hands on experience to you on how to solve real world business problems. Students work in tandem on projects they have worked on collaboratively , research new business prospects, identify new business opportunities, undertake market research and so on. This gives an opportunity to gain leadership experience first hand and gain invaluable business acumen.
  • You become prepared to run a business : As an MBA covers all aspects of a business like marketing, finance, human resources, operations etc you become adept at running a business a knowledge you will need if you are going to run your own business someday.
  • Entrepreneurship Opportunities – An MBA can provide great entrepreneurship opportunities. Many business schools have fully developed entrepreneurship cells that can help your startup to take off.


If you are on the lookout for a great business school in West Bengal that provides a top notch MBA program at an affordable rate, you can consider the MBA program offered by Brainware University. This one of a kind program offers several benefits such as a fully developed entrepreneurship cell with networks all over India, moreover entrepreneurship awareness camps are held in every semester so you get an opportunity to float your venture. The MBA comes with state of the art management labs which helps you develop business acumen as you learn to solve real world business problems via case studies. Apart from this several industry interfaces are held where you get to interact and learn from and also forge connections with industry veterans.


An MBA from a top notch management college can open many doors for you ( though you still have to walk into them!)

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