Myth, often used loosely, might stem from the term ‘mithya’. And seriously, there’s no shortage of myths about students. Different types of speculations are always making their rounds. Once a student myself and speaking to the current scholars, I have figured out exactly what their worries are.
My attempt will be to bust a few…
1. You are not that cool. But smokers are. In fact, you’re still a kid unless you know how to take a narcotic puff.
Some fall prey through peer pressure, while some half willingly accept these. My advice is-learn to say ‘No’!

2.You must take alcohol to be ubercool on the campus.
Honestly speaking, the parameters of “what a cool dude you are” are not set by smoking and liquor consuming. Why spend money on stuffs that invite illness and affliction?? Rather look away at the innumerable stalls lined up outside, or rush to your canteen__grab an eggroll, jhaalmuri,or do a bit of savings for the nearest arsalan outlet…;)

3.Everyday is a gala fest at college. We’ve all heard those wild tales of university nights out that ended at 10am the next morning. We won’t go into the details, we’re sure you can imagine.
Sadly enough, not every day is a big party!

4. Your superiors are a bundle of horrors. They are intimidating. They do ‘dadagiri’. Be it the canteen, or the common room, or the stairs, or even the concrete slab at the gate, they seem to own all. Their presence is ominous. They repulse you. They pretend to know all. You simply detest them!
My experience says otherwise. From making class notes to sharing jokes, we found our seniors always by our side. They helped us bunk classes too!!

5. You will gain a couple of pounds. Or you’ll turn skinny, being drowned in assignments!

6. Everyone will pierce their face and body to prove how much they have grown since school.
For me this isn’t a good idea. Why hurt yourself for fashion?? I’v had this question on my mind for a while when I finally ended up asking a junior. Result?? No reply. Because, there isn’t any concrete reason after Engineering college Studentsall.

7.You must have a chiseled and attractive physique, if you do not want to end up being the lonely boy or girl in college.
A myth which needs no explanation.

8. You use Sparknotes and Cliffnotes to get through your exam papers and you will sail with excellent grades.!
Who on earth said that success comes that easy????

9.First year doesn’t count.
Well, your educational accomplishments of the first year will be built upon in your next years of study. So, if you are laid back, rush to the library at once.

10.All friends will be made in the first few days
That’s simply impossible. You’ll meet loads of people as the year goes on and your friendships will change. Some will dwindle and some bonds will grow stronger with time.

11. Clubbing is a must for nightlife and fun.
Fun comes in many ways and in different forms my friends. It might come even through sharing your lunchbox or your favourite dress.

12. A part-time job is bad for studies.
Well, I believe it’s pretty manageable with a bit of organisation.Not only is it good for your wallet but a part-time job can also help you make new friends, know new things,and help you build a great CV for when you graduate.

13. Your roomie will be a headache!
Basically, no two persons are the same. Give up saying, “It’s mine”. You must learn to compromise and share. Also try to interact as much as possible and strike a common ground.

14. Pleasure and sexual gratification is possible.
Being a college student does not mean that you will have more freedom to invite ‘special’ friends over. Remember, safety and dignity can’t be compromised.

15. You’ll never ever get a job.
If you work hard enough, you will steer through with flying colours.
So stop pondering over unnecessary issues. Study well and have a prosperous future thereafter, like a great big rainbow cake of joy. But don’t forget to enjoy your student life. Remember, it is a phase that will never come back, once gone.
Good luck… 🙂

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