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Congratulations Debanjana

Congratulations Debanjana Ghosh of ECE for being selected in IBM. A new job is not an outlet for your creativity, it is a chance for you to chart out your future and shape your destiny. Congratulations.  

Congratulations Kunal Mukherjee (MCA) !!!

Life is all about grabbing opportunities by the collar and squeezing them out till the very last drop. Make sure you do the same with your new job in Wipro. Congratulations.  

Congratulations Shruti !!!

Congratulations Shruti Madhuri Podder of EE for getting selected in IBM. Remember this when you start your new job, let the motivation within you throb. Congratulations again.  

Well done Briti. Congratulations!!!

Congratulations Briti Gangopadhyay of CSE for getting selected in Persistent System Ltd. You made us proud.  

Congratulations Debanjana !!!

Congratulations Debanjana Dey of ECE for being selected in IBM. It was not destiny that got you a new job. It was your ability to make your own destiny.  

Congratulations Soumya and Roumyadip !!!

Congratulations Soumya Sen (BSCHN) and Roumyadip Saha (BCA) for being selected in

Congratulations Annesha !!!

Congratulations Annesha Bramhachary of MCA for being selected in

Congratulations Subrata !!!

Congratulations Subrata Bhattacharjee of MBA for being selected in

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Happy Holi

LED Chroma key system

What is Chroma key(traditional) and how does it work Chroma key is a widely-used technique that allows foreground objects to appear in a video scene even though they were not present – and often could not have been present – when the scene was shot. Chroma key effects are often called “blue-screen” or “green-screen” effects

Recycle Bin in Oracle

Recycle Bin in Oracle One of the feature of the Oracle 10g is the recyclebin. When enabled, this feature works a little bit like the familiar Windows recycle bin. Dropped tables go “into” the recyclebin, and can be restored from the recyclebin. I’ll cover some of the more subtle aspects of the recyclebin. Practical First,

Technitiate – 2015

Anandadhara – 2015

Union Budget 2015: Highlights

Here are the highlights of the Union Budget 2015: Fiscal deficit Fiscal deficit seen at 3.9 per cent of GDP in 2015/16 Will meet the challenging fiscal target of 4.1 per cent of GDP Remain committed to meeting medium term fiscal deficit target of 3 per cent of GDP Current account deficit below 1.3 per

Anandadhara – 2015

When the classroom turned into a theatre stage and the students transformed into myriad colourful