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21St Century Web Designing Courses and Their Scope

21St Century Web Designing Courses and Their Scope Website is a must for all organisations in the current technological era. So the demands for web designing and development jobs are increasing every day. In the field of Web design, there are many trends that come and go. A lot of beautiful websites were created last

Recent mathematical development in the Thermal field for application in Engineering & Technology

The heat conduction through solids is a very important and interesting problem for its applicability in engineering and technology. The classical theory in this area provides governing equations for the distribution of strain in an elastic medium subject to temperature gradients. In the field equations the heat conduction equation is of parabolic type whereas the

Radionuclide Generator: Diagnosis and Treatment of Cancer

Cancer is not modern day disease as many think. It is one of the most dreaded of diseases, often called the ‘Killer Disease’ that has been reported as early as 2625 BC as per the Egyptian papyrus. Before the end of 20th century, there was no way to cure or prevent cancer except for with

Reconfigurable Digital Image Processing on FPGA

Recently, reconfigurable digital image processing algorithm has become growing research area in field of real-time embedded system. Conventionally, Matlab and C/C++ is preferred simulation tool and test for the correctness of computer vision algorithms. But currently image processing algorithms can also be implemented in hardware for special purpose such as high computational speed and better

Resistive RAM

Resistive RAM is a special type of non-volatile random access memory (NVRAM). RAM is a primary memory and being considered an important part of every computer system. It bears some resemblance to phase change memory (PCM) in its working. The Resistive RAM works by changing the resistance between solid materials. This material need to be

Acoustic Cryptanalysis

  Cryptography is a technique of protecting privacy of data by converting it (encrypting it) into an encoded format, called cipher text. Just the individuals who have decryption key can translate (or unscramble) the message into plain content. The analysis of encrypted messages to recover key or pain text is called cryptanalysis, also called code

Utilization of renewable feed stocks

Growing demand for chemicals and fuels driven by components like over-population, the threat of global warming and the dearth of fossil resources, strain our resource system and constrain the development of sustainable and innovative blueprint for the chemical industry. Our society is currently experiencing restriction imposed by our resource system, which steers industry to increase

A game-changer in the world of computing – The Cloud

Cloud computing is the latest effort in delivering service based computing resources. It provides a distributed computing platform over the network to share computing resources rather than having local or personal devices for handling applications. The concept of cloud shares different characteristics from peer to peer, distributed computing, grid computing, client server model, mainframe and

Present Job Scenario of Civil Engineers in West Bengal

Recession is a great problem of India as well as in West Bengal. So long we have been suffering deeply from the unemployment problem in general, and in particular we are much concerned about people having degree in general course remaining either unemployed or under employed, as the job prospect is very meagre in this

Professional Development- How does English Language Matter?

English Language appears as watertight compartments in Indian classrooms. The prescribed curriculum of technical studies hardly provides opportunities and sufficient time to deal with English language. Teaching English to engineers is a delicate and promising matter in terms of content, method and technique, and deciding which is appropriate for this particular area of engineering and

Employment Related Skill Development & Its Impact on Return Migration

Migration is a process where people adjust their living conditions based on the prevailing circumstances. Both push and pull factors are responsible for migration from rural to urban. Pull factors like better job opportunities, better education and healthcare facilities, access to public goods often play an influential role in this regard. That is not the

Reinforcing Business Communication Skills

  Good communication skills are crucial for the development of a positive personality. Poor Communication starves a business relationship while good communication nourishes it. This is true, regardless of whether you are looking at starting a business or as a member of a team, conducting a project for the business. So, improving communication skills are