4 Tips For Fresh MBA Aspirants :



So you  have decided to do your MBA .  Whether for changing your career path, or just adding a nifty qualification to your resume. MBA or Master’s in Business Administration is one of the most lucrative post grad degrees ever, as it is basically an amalgam of several disciplines – Economics, statistics, Business Studies etc. The main purpose of MBA is to prepare you to be a future manager by training you in all spheres like finance, human resources, marketing etc. So as you are about to start your MBA here’s a few things to keep in mind.


Time Management : MBA is a fast paced course. You have to be able to make time for quizzes, internships, assignments etc. So becoming a pro in time management is absolutely necessary.


Get Realistic : Current job scenario is very competitive. Now if you have enrolled at a moderately good programme and have been doing well in it, then you have a decent chance at getting placed. But please do not get your hopes all up. Grab an intern-ship as soon as possible and try to convert that into a PPO. Utilize all opportunities to perfect your CV. Also ignore the news of those getting crores of packages. Most of you will be freshers or people with very little relevant experience. So expecting sky high salary will not be the prudent choice.

Time for Competition : MBA is a competitive programme. Your batch mates will be as hard-working, ambitious and goal oriented as you. So expect to thrive in a competitive environment where your classmates will keep you on your toes. Also MBA is synonymous with deadlines.

Decide on your Specialization soon : While many students will tell you to chill, and wait it out – its best if you decide on a specialization – marketing, HR, Finance etc. This way you will be able to work on your career related goals and be ahead in the race.

Cooperate : A lot of assignments at B Schools will be focused on group work. so, learn to cooperate with your classmates. 


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