21St Century Web Designing Courses and Their Scope

21St Century Web Designing Courses and Their Scope Website is a must for all organisations in the current technological era. So the demands for web designing and development jobs are increasing every day. In the field of Web design, there are many trends that come and go. A lot of beautiful websites were created last year based on amazing technological advancement in respect of design and development. Here are some web design trends to look for in 2016:-

HD background: Based on the increase of Internet speed, bandwidth and support of HTML5 video, the new trend is to serve high resolution graphical content with retina display, gorgeous HD background images and videos on web sites.


Bold Colours: In the field of web designing, a new trend is to use bright and bold colours.


Typography: It gives a better look to the website. Using CSS3, we can easily embed fonts into webpage without installing fonts in local device.


Cinemagraphs: It is a combination of videos and photography that enhances mood of a website. However it will not take much bandwidth and it is also not as still as photo. Card Layouts: In websites, card layout is used to organize large amount of information without any hassle. Web sites like ecommerce, news, hosting, and design are using card-like content boxes. It is clean, attractive and effective. Info-graphics: Info-graphics or Information graphics are visual and graphical representations of organisational or user data and information. This process intends to present information quickly and clearly.


Micro-interaction and UX Design: It refers to activities like turning on/off settings, notifications and validating data with quick response. Personalized UX refers to tracking of activities on websites. It includes keeping track of browsing behaviour, location and recommendations. Single Page Web site: One of the modern trends is to build single page website with Parallax Scrolling. Parallax is only the element to convey information to visitors in a storytelling manner.


Mobile friendly Responsive Design: Responsive design can change the layout of web pages based on device width to perfectly deliver web contents. Web design and development companies are employing professional and trained website designers and developers for creating good looking , smarter and faster websites that meet the standards of 21St Century Web .If you wish to build a career in the glamorous WEB industry, a professional web design course should be taken up.


The course should cover the following topics:-  Fundamentals of Web Design  Design principles, Specification analysis and Methodology for Layout and UX design.  Use of Professional tools to design logo and Web graphics.  Use of Professional tools to design Layout and UX of websites  HTML( XHTML and HTML5 ), CSS Level 2 and 3  Use of Rapid development tools to create webpage quickly  PSD to HTML conversion  JavaScript and jQuery  Use of JS/JQuery library to implement Image Gallery, Image Zoom, Sliders etc  Single page Website with scrolling effects  Mobile friendly responsive web designing  Responsive HTML and CSS frameworks like Bootstrap, Foundation etc.

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