How To Improve Your Aptitude Skills :

As the campus placement season starts, thousands of engineering students with CV’s in their hands and stars in their eyes line up for recruitment. However, before they even face the interviewing panel, most of the engineering graduates are filtered out on the basis of aptitude evaluation tests. These days a lot many IT firms conduct aptitude assessment tests when recruiting fresh engineering graduates.

Why do the companies conduct aptitude tests for screening fresh graduates? It is one of the easiest and surest way of evaluating a candidate’s personality, analytical abilities and problem solving skills, ( all of these qualities are very much in demand in the corporate world) Generally companies get hundreds and thousands of CVs, so aptitude tests are a cost effective way of screening out inefficient candidates.


In order to ace these off campus placement tests you need to brush up basic aptitude skills (if you already have) or try and develop them if you are lacking. In this essay we will address some of the ways through which you can develop or improve your aptitude. We will provide some links to how improve your aptitude. Understand that in order to maximize your aptitude, you need to practice everyday. Practice is the only road to perfection!

  • Grab a copy of Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations (also known as the Holy Grail of Aptitude) by R.S Aggarwal. If you are a newbie to aptitude problems, this is the book for you. And those who are not new to this scenario…well brushing up your skills, by revisiting the basics never harms does it? There are two books by Aggarwal one for verbal, another for non verbal reasoning.
  • Instead of overcrowding your mobile space with gaming and online shopping apps, why not download and install some brilliant apps which are entertaining and will also help you to exercise your little grey cells? You can avail excellent aptitude exercise apps such as Lumosity and Nithra Aptitude App. These are available for free at Google
  • Evergreen classics – ‘’Puzzles to Puzzle You’’ and ‘’More Puzzles to Puzzle You’’ by Human Computer Shakuntala Devi is a must read for all those who are aiming to increase their wits.
  • Back To The Basics : Aptitude is all about how well you understand basic high school mathematics and logical reasoning. So if you feel that your quantitative foundation has become a bit shaky, then go and practice topics like percentages, ratio & proportions, time & work, approximations, geometry and coordinate geometry, time speed & distance, data interpretation ( statistics) etc.
  • Visit some of the sights like Exam, Career, Lofoya.Com, They offer step by step explanations of basic concepts as well as shortcuts . They also have mock tests of various difficulty levels for students.

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