How To Apply To A Job In which You Have No Experience'


’ ‘We are looking for bright, dynamic, graduates and young professionals with a passion for coding and a knack for web development.’’  Mail us your resume if you are :

A coding enthusiast

Passionate about web development

Live, breath and dream information technology

Have minimum 6 months -1 year experience in coding & web development –  
Till the fourth criteria, you were feeling happy, enthusiastic and hopeful. The minimum experience criteria just sucked out all happiness and confidence from you, didn’t it? Now you are feeling a bit morose, reconsidering your decision to apply to the job.

The ”minimum experience” criteria is a bitter pill for many graduates to swallow . Most firm are reluctant to hire freshers ( except those from top grade engineering institutes and B Schools ) as they have to spend money and resources to train these freshers into professionals.

Freshers are always considered liability to firms, so they want to walk the safe route by hiring experienced professionals. Nowadays even internships demand ”a few months of relevant experience” . This has left many graduates feeling disillusioned and depressed.

The ”minimum experience” criteria affects another type of job applicants- the young professional who wants to switch industries , or job roles but lacks the requisite experience.

In this essay we will address how you can successfully apply to a job/position you have little to no experience in .

  1. Apply in a related field or position : Look its pretty simple. If you are a BA or Bcom graduate why will you apply to an engineering,medical position? If you are a young professional who is looking to switch fields you should choose a related field, or have related education in. For example, if you have some marketing experience you can choose for branding, market analytics, research jobs. If you have a banking job experience, you are technically eligible to apply in a finance profile.
  2. T for Transferrable Skills : Some skills like management skills, communication skills, negotiation skills, presentation skills are always in demand, especially in the marketing, advertising and brand management, media and public relations sector. If you have relevant experience like organizing fund raising campaigns, event management etc while a graduate, you will be able to apply for this kind of job.
  3. Be Eager To Learn : If you are applying to an entry level position, recruiters will not expect your resume to be that of a seasoned industry professional. So accept that you do not have relevant hands on experience, and make it point to let employers know, that while you may lack relevant experience, you are not afraid to get your hands dirty – that is work hard and take on multiple responsibilities and projects and to go beyond the job description – challenging yourself. If you are in a job where you do not have consummate experience, you will have to work harder to prove yourself – admit that .



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