Learn The Difference Between UI Design and UX Design


UI ( user interface) and UX ( User Experience) are two pillars of Web Design. Every web designer who is determined to have a successful career, should do all he/she can two master these two design concepts.

Successful web designing is one which makes user web browsing a convenient and pleasure affair. The more easier a time a user has whilst surfing a website. the more effective a web designer is at his work.


What is UI Design & UX Design : Though both can sound similar, and both are equally important , both have different roles. UX design is used  to provide a great user experience whereas UI Design is utilized to create attractive as well as efficient user interface. . UX technology is used to ensure that a product is usable – i.e easy to use, is useful – provides content that solves the problem of the user. It also ensure that the product is accessible – easy to use by people from all categories.


Both the designs are used at different stages. : UX design is used at the initial stage , so as to make the product more usable , it involves basic Market research, UX wireframing etc. and the UI Design is used in the final stage – to make the product ready for consumer interaction – the main role of UI Design is to make the product ready for user interface/interaction. All features like colour palette, fonts, illustration, animation is a part of UI design. UX deals with the product prototype, whereas UI Design deals with product in final stage.


So as a web designer you have to master both these concepts in order to be a successful web designer/developer.

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