Top Hardware & Networking Interview Questions and Answers :

The hardware and networking professionals constitute the core section of the IT department of any firm or are relegated core jobs in IT MNCs. So in order to qualify for an interview and get the job you have to have a solid grasp over the fundamentals of your discipline . The companies expect a graduate who’s at least comfortable in the fundamentals of his/her course and knows how to apply it practically to solve real life problems.


In case of engineering, good knowledge of fundamentals is a must as engineering is basically a vocational course . Vocational courses are professional courses designed to ensure that the graduates end up in a job. So since engineering courses are very much job oriented, then to get a job you need to have a genuine understanding of your fundamentals.


Today we are providing some of the top interview questions you can expect to be asked as a hardware and networking interview as a fresher or as an experienced professional.


What’s a link ?


Ans : A link is basically connectivity between two devices. It includes all the protocols and network of cables used by two or more devices to connect with each other.


What are nodes ?


Ans : The devices located at different endpoints in different locations are known as devices.


Define backbone network .


Ans ; A Backbone network is designed to distribute various data to various networks. It also manages bandwidth and various channels.


What is LAN?

LAN is basically an acronym for Local Area Network.  It basically indicates a connection between computers and other network devices located at a small location.


What are the 7 layers in Open Systems Interconnection Model?


Ans : They are Application, Presentation, Session, Transport, Network, Data link, and Physical.


What is DNS ?


Ans ; DNS stands for Domain Name System is the route through which you match the name of the website you are seeking to numbers /internet protocol( address of the website)


What is point to point link :


Ans ; Direct connection between two computers on a network.


What is the difference between ARP and RARP ?


Ans ; ARP basically stands for Address Resolution Protocol. It is used to associate 32 bit IP address to 48 bit IP address by a host or router to find physical address of another host on its network through sending ARP that includes IP address of the receiver. RARP stands for Reverse Address Resolution Protocol that is used to enable a host to discover its internet address when it only knows the physical address.


Define MAC address?


Ans : MAC address is the 48 bit hardware address of LAN card. It is stored in ROM.


How Do You Configure a server?


Ans : Ensure that the LAN card is connected. Root ( the partition on which Window is installed) should be in NTFS. server should be configured in static IP address.


Define VPN


Ans : VPN basically stands for Virtual Private Network that enables one to secure a dial up connection to a remote server.


These are just a few examples of some questions you might get asked about core hardware and networking.

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