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How To Make The Best Out Of Your Internship

8 Weeks can be a life changing opportunity when you are a fresh graduate. Internships are the best way to gain some needful experience, , to gain a foothold in the industry, make some good connections, learn about the trade, etc. Internships are the perfect opportunity to test yourself, your newly learned managing, leading and

10 Foolproof Ways To Make Your Interviewer Loath You

In this essay we will present 10 gaffes ( behavioural goof ups) that ensures that you will will never again be contacted by your prospective employer. All those months of CV/resume building, practicing speeches in front of the mirror, will go down the drain, if you commit these glaring mistakes in front of your recruiter.

Why Do You Want To Work With Us? Find Out Below!

‘’ So why do you want to join our company ?’’ The usual response to this particular question, ranges from bewilderment, to plain confusion. Some job seekers will at least attempt to string out some coherent words together, while the rare candidate will be able to provide a coherent, relevant and articulate answer. One of

Fast Track Your Career With Professional Certified Courses From Brainware

If your degree is the cake, any relevant (industry specific) professional certification is simply put, the cherry or icing on top. If you are working in a highly demanding sector, which is skill based, then getting a relevant professional certification makes sense, as it gives a tangible proof of your skills. Professional certification helps you

Different Types Of Engineering

Engineering is no doubt one of the most lucrative and in demand professions in the world. This is because every sector whether it is basic/core industries like iron & steel or consumer goods industry are in need of constant technical innovation, and this is where the engineers come in. The basic job of an engineer

How Not To Get Scammed Online During Trips : A Primer

Your dream holiday can suddenly turn into a living nightmare if you are not on your guard. Ever since the World Wide Web or the internet has become the predominant force of the contemporary society, we have become more vulnerable to intrusion. If you are not careful, then you are basically setting yourself as sitting

Must Have Soft Skills For Engineering Graduates

In a perfect world, an engineer works by himself, armed with his computer, and little magic bag of tools, he solves complex problems and makes the world an easier place for non engineers. But sadly engineers do have to work with people and cannot be confined in their engineering ivory tower. When you work with

A Guide to College Life as a First-Year Engineering Student

A Guide to College Life as a First-Year Engineering Student     So you have finally managed to bag an admission to a standard engineering college. All over the world, especially in India, engineering was and still is considered as one of the most lucrative vocational courses and promising career option. An engineering graduate from

How to Improve Customer Service Skills

customer service
Having sound/quality customer service skills is necessary, when you are running a business – especially a service oriented business. Ultimately the success and reputation of your business is completely dependant on the happiness and satisfaction of customers. If they are not happy with your products, if they nurse innumerable grievances towards your service, then your

How To Prepare For Interviews

How To Prepare For Interviews
Today we will discuss the various ways you can prepare for an interview. The interview is the final obstacle standing between you and your job. During the interview you do not only have to validate the information ( regarding your educational and professional qualifications), but you also have to sell yourself. An interview typically will

How To Improve Your Aptitude Skills :

As the campus placement season starts, thousands of engineering students with CV’s in their hands and stars in their eyes line up for recruitment. However, before they even face the interviewing panel, most of the engineering graduates are filtered out on the basis of aptitude evaluation tests. These days a lot many IT firms conduct

Basics of Netiquette : A Guide on How Not to Mess Up Your On Line Reputation

Today we will discuss the basics of netiquettes. Netiquette is simply the etiquette you follow when online. We all reside in a virtual world and most of our interactions with friends, relatives and clients are conducted online. However many people forget that although all you see is the computer screen in front of you, in

Introducing Corporate Etiquette

Introducing Corporate Etiquette 101
Lets face it…. the professional world is poles apart from your college life or home life. It is a cut throat world in which even though you have allies, you are often left alone to fend for yourself. Office place can be far from a bed of roses, but if you follow the staple office

Types of Corporate Etiquettes You Should Be Aware Of

Types of Corporate Etiquettes
Today we will discuss the different types of corporate etiquette that exist in office places. Although there are some basic etiquettes that apply to all industries and sectors, the corporate etiquette sector is multidimensional and have several etiquette from how to interact with your boss and co workers to how to successfully handle the clients.

Electricity Through Plastics

Electricity Through Plastics
We are very much familiar with the word ‘Plastic or Polymer’. Not only in our daily lives but also in the fields of industry and agriculture, plastics and plastic products have become indispensible. Plastics are good insulators. They are used to insulate electric wire made of copper or aluminium. Suppose you get a shock. Then

14 Cardinal Rules Every Budding Graphics Designer Should Keep In Mind

Graphic Designing is an exciting career alternative for individuals endowed with creative flair, as well as technological know-how. If you have a fertile imagination, and a sound grasp of illustration softwares, Graphic Designing can indeed be a bright career option for you. In this article, we will attempt to highlight the basic requirements for becoming