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How To Improve Your Aptitude Skills :

As the campus placement season starts, thousands of engineering students with CV’s in their hands and stars in their eyes line up for recruitment. However, before they even face the interviewing panel, most of the engineering graduates are filtered out on the basis of aptitude evaluation tests. These days a lot many IT firms conduct

Basics of Netiquette : A Guide on How Not to Mess Up Your On Line Reputation

Today we will discuss the basics of netiquettes. Netiquette is simply the etiquette you follow when online. We all reside in a virtual world and most of our interactions with friends, relatives and clients are conducted online. However many people forget that although all you see is the computer screen in front of you, in

Introducing Corporate Etiquette

Introducing Corporate Etiquette 101
Lets face it…. the professional world is poles apart from your college life or home life. It is a cut throat world in which even though you have allies, you are often left alone to fend for yourself. Office place can be far from a bed of roses, but if you follow the staple office

Types of Corporate Etiquettes You Should Be Aware Of

Types of Corporate Etiquettes
Today we will discuss the different types of corporate etiquette that exist in office places. Although there are some basic etiquettes that apply to all industries and sectors, the corporate etiquette sector is multidimensional and have several etiquette from how to interact with your boss and co workers to how to successfully handle the clients.

Electricity Through Plastics

Electricity Through Plastics
We are very much familiar with the word ‘Plastic or Polymer’. Not only in our daily lives but also in the fields of industry and agriculture, plastics and plastic products have become indispensible. Plastics are good insulators. They are used to insulate electric wire made of copper or aluminium. Suppose you get a shock. Then

14 Cardinal Rules Every Budding Graphics Designer Should Keep In Mind

Graphic Designing is an exciting career alternative for individuals endowed with creative flair, as well as technological know-how. If you have a fertile imagination, and a sound grasp of illustration softwares, Graphic Designing can indeed be a bright career option for you. In this article, we will attempt to highlight the basic requirements for becoming

Future focus, 2016

Mr. Phalguni Mookhopadhayay, Chancellor-Brainware University
Spare a thought. Is an academic institute just about sky tall buildings and spacious classrooms? Does education only imply a one-way transmission of knowledge? The answer is a big NO. With that on mind, Brainware Engineering-Management Colleges and Brainware University jointly collaborated on Future Focus, 2016, that united all teaching and non-teaching staff on the

Basic Computer Skills You Must Learn

We are living in a digital world. So in order to achieve professional success, a thorough learning of your craft, might not be enough anymore. Many young professionals from non technical background are now seeking basic technical/computer education in order to have an edge over their non tech savvy peers. Having a firm grasp of

Understanding Finance Terms

finance terms
If you are studying accounting, it pays to have a good understanding of finance, loans, and how they work. In fact, you will definitely need to have a basic understanding at least. With time, you must, of course, improve your knowledge and learning. Here are some finance terms that we come across every day. These

How to Become a Software Engineer and Get a High Paying Job

software engineering
You’ve surely seen those software engineers flaunt their style. Armed with some of the most cherished jobs, high salaries, social status, and great lifestyle, you will find them driving the coolest bikes, fastest cars, and dining at the swankiest restaurants.   Software engineers are almost like rock stars. Life is really good for them!  

Make it Big as a Graphic Designer

graphic design career
It’s not your regular 10 to 6 job. Take a break, think deep, aspire, visualize, unleash that creative talent… do what it takes to stun! Life is cool for a graphic designer!   A graphic designer blends creative flair and technological prowess to come up with aesthetically pleasing designs. Are you that whiz kid, someone

Windows 10

Microsoft as part of the Windows NT family released a personal computer operating system that is Windows 10. It was officially released in September 2014 following a brief demo version. The first version of the operating system entered a public beta testing process in October 2014, followed by its consumer release on July 29, 2015, and its release to

Sculpturing in 3D

Sculpture is a very old form of visual art. By using carving, casting or other shaping techniques different types of organic or inorganic figures can be created that is called sculpting. A large number of sculptures of human and other animals are found in both ancient and modern civilization. Let us see what is sculpting

Introduction To IP Addressing And Networking

The term IP stands for Internet Protocol. This protocol is essential for transferring data from one device to another. When data is sent or received on a network, basically that data gets divided into small packets and these packets contain two things – one is the sender’s address and the other is the receiver’s address.

Typographic Portrait – A Different Form of Digital Art

Typographic portrait is now becoming a fad, one of the most popular and interesting art forms in the field of digital artwork designing. The popular sayings can be used as the starting of this write up, like – “A good sketch is better than a long speech” or “A picture is worth a thousand words”.

Interview Skills

Interview is a process by which a candidate’s suitability for a post is judged by the employer. The employer fixes the time and place. To save time, most organizations hold walk-in-interviews. The employer announces the place and time and all the interested candidates appear for the same directly. The candidate has to know how to