Benefits of getting Oracle Certified


In today’s professional sphere, certifications rule the roost. Especially in the tech sector, certifications are as important to engineers as jewelries is to a woman. This is because certifications are a testament to your skill in a domain, and how updated you are with the current trends of that domain. Certifications certainly adds a certain amount of credibility to one’s resume, and it has been a proven fact that engineers who have relevant certifications earn more than those who don’t. Engineers more than any other professional needs to be update about the tech fields as technology is dynamic and ever changing and not updating one’s knowledge can be fatal to one’s career as an engineer.


Amongst technical certifications, Oracle is one of the most well known certification. Oracle certification are some of the most sought after certification in the database domain industry. If you want to develop career as a database administrator or as a software developer, an Oracle certification can go along a long way to further your career.  There are 3 levels of Oracle certification – the Oracle Certified Associate, Oracle Certified Professional and Oracle Certified Master.


Following are the key benefits of being Oracle certified –


Higher pay package : Since Oracle databases and business solution technologies are used by a great many firms, professionals fluent in Oracle are in great demand and are offered hefty pay packages.  


Brand : Oracle is a big brand in the IT world and it certainly adds credibility to your resume.


OCP Benefits : Being Oracle certified has its advantages as you have access to a plethora of online resources reserved only like the OCP Members only websites.


Upgrade benefits : Oracle allows people certified in Oracle to upgrade their Oracle skills ( learn the latest version) leading to you having an edge over your peers.


Imagine availing all of these opportunities right when you graduate! Imagine having an edge over your peers and colleagues and becoming competitive for the majority of IT jobs right when you leave college! Brainware University, Kolkata believes in making their graduates as competitive and employable as possible so most of their BTech and BSc courses offer the graduates multiple opportunities to avail lucrative certification such as Oracle, Microsoft and Red Hat!


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  1. The Oracle is the best database management system and it is used to create the database tables etc. this is so popular today in the IT world.

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