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Top 5 Must Avoid Job Search Mistakes'
Job hunting is the medium through which you land a job. From fresh graduates green from college to seasoned professionals who are looking for greener pastures. job hunting is something that is done by all. However if you goof up during this phase, you won’t end up with the plum job you dream of. Job

Radionuclide Generator: Diagnosis and Treatment of Cancer

Cancer is not modern day disease as many think. It is one of the most dreaded of diseases, often called the ‘Killer Disease’ that has been reported as early as 2625 BC as per the Egyptian papyrus. Before the end of 20th century, there was no way to cure or prevent cancer except for with

Utilization of renewable feed stocks

Growing demand for chemicals and fuels driven by components like over-population, the threat of global warming and the dearth of fossil resources, strain our resource system and constrain the development of sustainable and innovative blueprint for the chemical industry. Our society is currently experiencing restriction imposed by our resource system, which steers industry to increase