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Top Hardware & Networking Interview Questions and Answers :

The hardware and networking professionals constitute the core section of the IT department of any firm or are relegated core jobs in IT MNCs. So in order to qualify for an interview and get the job you have to have a solid grasp over the fundamentals of your discipline . The companies expect a graduate

Benefits of getting Oracle Certified

  In today’s professional sphere, certifications rule the roost. Especially in the tech sector, certifications are as important to engineers as jewelries is to a woman. This is because certifications are a testament to your skill in a domain, and how updated you are with the current trends of that domain. Certifications certainly adds a

Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Join A Startup Right After Btech'
For most students one of the top reasons for pursuing STEM subjects ( Science, Technology, Engineering Mathematics) is the lure of a high paying career. These subjects usually do lead to higher paying jobs, as graduates pursuing these disciplines have good to exceptional analytical skills, quantitative aptitude and problem solving abilities. These talents are much

Benefits of Having Microsoft Certifications'
The IT ( Information Technology ) sector is one, where it generally does not take much to gain an entry level job, but retaining that job will be a headache, and getting a promotion might take up a lifetime…. the best way to fast track your career is to take up certificates. IT certificates are

Mixed-signal Integrated Circuit'
A mixed-signal system-on-a-chip can be a combination of analog circuits, digital circuits, intrinsic mixed-signal circuits (like ADC), and embedded software. Integrated circuits (ICs) are generally classified as digital (e.g. a microprocessor) or analog (e.g. an operational amplifier). Mixed-signal ICs are chips that contain both digital and analog circuits on the same chip. This category of

Different Types Of Engineering'
Engineering is no doubt one of the most lucrative and in demand professions in the world. This is because every sector whether it is basic/core industries like iron & steel or consumer goods industry are in need of constant technical innovation, and this is where the engineers come in. The basic job of an engineer

Introduction To IP Addressing And Networking

The term IP stands for Internet Protocol. This protocol is essential for transferring data from one device to another. When data is sent or received on a network, basically that data gets divided into small packets and these packets contain two things – one is the sender’s address and the other is the receiver’s address.

Internet Protocol Version 6

IPv6 is a next generation layer 3 protocols that transfers data securely through Internet. Currently the IP protocol version4 is used. However it has some limitations. Maximum number of address available – 4.3 billion (approx.), but Class D and Class E are not used to assign to computers. There is no inbuilt security in ipv4.

The Hub Switch and the Network Switch – the Difference

Hub and Switch are the two basic hardware components for any network. For communication across more than two devices an interconnecting network device is necessary. If there are only two nodes communicating then a direct connection is possible. Otherwise there is a requirement of Multi Station Access Unit (MSAU) to amplify the signal. HUB A

Resistive RAM

Resistive RAM is a special type of non-volatile random access memory (NVRAM). RAM is a primary memory and being considered an important part of every computer system. It bears some resemblance to phase change memory (PCM) in its working. The Resistive RAM works by changing the resistance between solid materials. This material need to be

Overview of Easy Virtual Network (EVN) on Cisco Devices:

Easy Virtual Network (EVN) is an IP-based virtualization technology that provides end-to-end virtualization of two or more Layer-3 networks. We can use a single IP infrastructure to provide separate virtual networks whose traffic paths remain isolated from each other.   EVN builds on the existing IP-based virtualization mechanism known as VRF-Lite. EVN provides enhancements in