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Top Skills Required Of A Good Animator

If you consider yourself a creative person with above average artistic skills, and have good computer literacy then a career of animation can be  a great choice for you. Animators are creative individuals who bring fantasies to life through drawing skills, graphics acumen and motion designing skills. They are the magicians who brings your favorite

Learn The Difference Between UI Design and UX Design'
UI ( user interface) and UX ( User Experience) are two pillars of Web Design. Every web designer who is determined to have a successful career, should do all he/she can two master these two design concepts. Successful web designing is one which makes user web browsing a convenient and pleasure affair. The more easier

Sculpturing in 3D

Sculpture is a very old form of visual art. By using carving, casting or other shaping techniques different types of organic or inorganic figures can be created that is called sculpting. A large number of sculptures of human and other animals are found in both ancient and modern civilization. Let us see what is sculpting

Typographic Portrait – A Different Form of Digital Art

Typographic portrait is now becoming a fad, one of the most popular and interesting art forms in the field of digital artwork designing. The popular sayings can be used as the starting of this write up, like – “A good sketch is better than a long speech” or “A picture is worth a thousand words”.

Advantages in using Vector Graphics in Graphic Designing

Vector graphics use mathematical definitions. Lines drawn during a drawing session is formed of points with lines interconnecting them. They are outlined in terms of dimension, height, curve, quantitative relation and proportion. Vector graphics are resolution independent as they render themselves within the area given to them. Can be created simply It is simple to

LED Chroma key system

What is Chroma key(traditional) and how does it work Chroma key is a widely-used technique that allows foreground objects to appear in a video scene even though they were not present – and often could not have been present – when the scene was shot. Chroma key effects are often called “blue-screen” or “green-screen” effects

Importance of Colour Psychology in Logos and Marketing

Colours play a significant role in establishing brand recognition especially through logo designs. The colours if properly used in a logo can accentuate your brand identity. Brand recognition is actually the consumer’s ability to identify a product or associate it with a brand. When you are dealing with colour in designing logos, having a clear