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All Is Not Well : Employment Problems Faced by Engineer Graduates Today'
One of the major problems millions of engineering graduates face in India today, is that there are way too many engineering graduates in India. Chronic unemployment has become an embarrassing issue, plaguing the engineering sector. One of the main reason for this persistent problem of unemployment among the young engineers is that there are way

Top Reasons To Study Electrical Engineering

Close your eyes and imagine a world without electricity. A world without the amenities we have become so used to like fridge, television, radio etc. Sounds scary doesn’t it? In a world which survives and runs on electricity the need for competent electrical engineers – people who are adept at designing and repairing electrical equipment

Top Interview Questions for Computer Science Graduates :

Today we are sharing some of the top questions asked in a technical round to a computer engineer for jobs such as software engineering, network systems operator, etc. As a computer science graduate you are expected to have a solid grasp of fundamentals and good communication skills as well. You will also be expected to

Benefits of getting Oracle Certified

  In today’s professional sphere, certifications rule the roost. Especially in the tech sector, certifications are as important to engineers as jewelries is to a woman. This is because certifications are a testament to your skill in a domain, and how updated you are with the current trends of that domain. Certifications certainly adds a

How To Improve Your Communication Skills as an Engineer :'
What do you think when you hear the word ‘’Engineer’’? A person with mathematical aptitude. A person with great analytical skills, a person with decent problem solving talents – a person with a technical bent of mind.   However an engineer with superior communication skills is often seen as an anomaly. Engineers are hailed as

Top Skills For Electronic & Communications Engineer'
  The career of an engineer irrespective of his or her branch, is totally dependant on their technical skills. The engineering sector is a skill based sector, where the more technical skills you can accumulate, the more practical hands on experience you can gather – the more you will be able to be successful in

Top ECE ( Electronics & Communications) Questions'
    If you are an ECE graduate, and applying for jobs like software engineer, project engineer etc, then these questions will be commonplace in every interview. We will share a few top ECE interview questions today :   What are the different types of communications? : The telecommunications sector is one of the biggest

Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Join A Startup Right After Btech'
For most students one of the top reasons for pursuing STEM subjects ( Science, Technology, Engineering Mathematics) is the lure of a high paying career. These subjects usually do lead to higher paying jobs, as graduates pursuing these disciplines have good to exceptional analytical skills, quantitative aptitude and problem solving abilities. These talents are much

Benefits of Having Microsoft Certifications'
The IT ( Information Technology ) sector is one, where it generally does not take much to gain an entry level job, but retaining that job will be a headache, and getting a promotion might take up a lifetime…. the best way to fast track your career is to take up certificates. IT certificates are

Different Types Of Engineering'
Engineering is no doubt one of the most lucrative and in demand professions in the world. This is because every sector whether it is basic/core industries like iron & steel or consumer goods industry are in need of constant technical innovation, and this is where the engineers come in. The basic job of an engineer

How Not To Get Scammed Online During Trips : A Primer'
Your dream holiday can suddenly turn into a living nightmare if you are not on your guard. Ever since the World Wide Web or the internet has become the predominant force of the contemporary society, we have become more vulnerable to intrusion. If you are not careful, then you are basically setting yourself as sitting

How to Become a Software Engineer and Get a High Paying Job

software engineering
You’ve surely seen those software engineers flaunt their style. Armed with some of the most cherished jobs, high salaries, social status, and great lifestyle, you will find them driving the coolest bikes, fastest cars, and dining at the swankiest restaurants.   Software engineers are almost like rock stars. Life is really good for them!  

Flashback Query in Oracle

Flashback concept of Oracle uses the Automatic Undo Management system to obtain rows of a table for any transaction. It depends on undo data, which are records of the effects of individual transactions. Example, if a user edits to change a salary from 1500 to 2000, then Oracle Database stores the value 1500 in the

Career Path as a Software Engineer

Software Engineers are builders of the digital world. They can develop anything from operating systems to browsers to apps on our smart phones. It is only due to their brilliant coding that, we are able to use the high tech devices that come handy in our daily life. Naturally they are always in high demand

Reconfigurable Digital Image Processing on FPGA

Recently, reconfigurable digital image processing algorithm has become growing research area in field of real-time embedded system. Conventionally, Matlab and C/C++ is preferred simulation tool and test for the correctness of computer vision algorithms. But currently image processing algorithms can also be implemented in hardware for special purpose such as high computational speed and better

Acoustic Cryptanalysis

  Cryptography is a technique of protecting privacy of data by converting it (encrypting it) into an encoded format, called cipher text. Just the individuals who have decryption key can translate (or unscramble) the message into plain content. The analysis of encrypted messages to recover key or pain text is called cryptanalysis, also called code