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Introduction To IP Addressing And Networking

The term IP stands for Internet Protocol. This protocol is essential for transferring data from one device to another. When data is sent or received on a network, basically that data gets divided into small packets and these packets contain two things – one is the sender’s address and the other is the receiver’s address.

Internet Protocol Version 6

IPv6 is a next generation layer 3 protocols that transfers data securely through Internet. Currently the IP protocol version4 is used. However it has some limitations. Maximum number of address available – 4.3 billion (approx.), but Class D and Class E are not used to assign to computers. There is no inbuilt security in ipv4.

Lighting in Chroma

Chroma is an important technique in our virtual world. Let us discuss what is CHROMA before discussing about “Lighting in Chroma”. Chroma also known as keying, is a process of creating transparency in a single image or in any sequence of images by a single colour value or by brightness or lightness value. In this

Secure Your Future with E-Learning and Computer Training

In today’s world, information technology plays a vital role in our daily lives. At most workplaces, the knowledge of computers is an essential requirement. This requirement is not just limited to our place of work but, also in every sphere of our lives. In our everyday life, we can use technology to simplify our lives

Android App Developer: Why Is It a Good Career Option?

Android is one of the most popular platforms that smartphones and tablets uses. Recent studies have shown that Android based mobile devices are selling at a faster pace as compared to other smartphones. The chief reason is the various amazing applications and games available on the Android platform. Android application development is one of the career

Recent mathematical development in the Thermal field for application in Engineering & Technology

The heat conduction through solids is a very important and interesting problem for its applicability in engineering and technology. The classical theory in this area provides governing equations for the distribution of strain in an elastic medium subject to temperature gradients. In the field equations the heat conduction equation is of parabolic type whereas the

Technology and its relevance today

Human life is totally dependent on technology. Every day is a new adventure and technology constantly improves the space around us, helps us to evolve, and be better! It took years to be what it stands as today, firmly footed. As a comprehensive term, technology is the invention of tools and techniques. It is closely

Why do we love Technology?

Technology is a be-all that has come to shape nearly every aspect of our lives today. From communication and travel to procuring and sharing valuable information and entertainment, we constantly reply on technology for our basic activities. In fact, the versatility offered by technology has made tremendous impact in all dimensions of human life.  

Are Robots going to replace us Humans in every respect?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is bringing in a lot of changes in today’s world but the most significant one may be changing the job market. In 2013 Oxford study projected that an estimated 47% of all employment in the United States runs the risk of getting automated. In the words of Toby Walsh, a professor in

Meet Apple’s super-thin new MacBook

  Apple’s new MacBook is its thinnest and lightest laptop to date. To achieve this feat, Apple (AAPL, Tech30) engineers streamlined many features traditionally associated with portable computers, and eliminated some as well. Here’s what you need to know:   1. The body is tapered like the MacBook Air. At its thickest, the new 12-inch

Apple TV price slashed to Rs 5,900 in India

Apple TV, a digital media player and a microconsole manufactured by Apple, is now up for grabs at a new price of Rs 5,900. The device operates on a small network appliance and entertainment device that can receive digital data from a number of sources and stream it to capable TV for playing on the

New polymers use visible light to offer 35 times more wireless bandwidth

By Joel Hruska on February 13, 2015 at 1:44 pm 8 Comments Over the past 15 years, WiFi has gone from a curiosity to a common feature — it’s not uncommon for desktop systems to ship with WiFi adapters these days. This explosion in capacity and performance has created a significant spectrum crunch that’s left