Different Types Of Engineering


Engineering is no doubt one of the most lucrative and in demand professions in the world. This is because every sector whether it is basic/core industries like iron & steel or consumer goods industry are in need of constant technical innovation, and this is where the engineers come in. The basic job of an engineer whether he is a civil engineer, mechanical engineer or software engineer, is to bring about innovation and solve existing problems in a creative, out of the box yet practical manner.

Different Types of Engineers

While scientists, discover new possibilities, explore new avenues of science and come out with plausible theories. But it is the engineers who apply these theories in order to solve the problems the problems of the society, the issues faced by common people in their day to day lives.. Scientists theorise possibilities while engineers make it happen. This is why the demand for smart, capable engineers are always in demand across all industries. In this essay we will discuss various types of engineering , and exciting career possibilities available with each of them.

Computer Engineering : This is arguably one of the most popular branches of engineering. Computer Engineering can be divided into two categories viz – hardware engineering and software engineering Hardware engineers are those who specialise in handling hardware- the visible, tangible parts of a computer, like the printer, scanner, motherboard, etc. Then there are the software engineers who basically programme or code new software in order to make the computer function effectively.

Since the boom of information technology and world wide web, most of the businesses have shifted online, and the demand for software engineers to undertake new innovations, and create new business apps are on the rise. According to numerous studies software engineers are in perpetual demand nowadays, and more and more tech startups and business apps are being introduced, the demand for efficient software engineer is perpetual. The salary of a qualified software engineer from a renowned university, can be as high as 63-70 thousand dollars per annum.

Civil Engineering : Another very popular branch of engineering. As the name suggests, this type of engineering is involved with development of safe, secure, stable and cost effective buildings and infrastructure. Civil Engineering is actually a very broad spectrum of engineering and includes other types of engineering such as Structural Engineering, Marine Engineering and Environmental Engineering.

Just like the scientist, the architect , might envisage how a particular building will be constructed, may draw the plan on a piece of paper. But buildings such as skyscrapers, hotels, railroads, bridges etc are built by civil engineers. They build infrastructures and also rebuild buildings in case of a natural disaster.

Electrical Engineering : Electricity is what drives the world today, it is literally the life force of the modern civilization. It lights our homes, channelizes factories and is an indispensable element of our daily lives. Electrical engineering is therefore, one of the most, if not the most lucrative of professions. The electrical engineers along with the software engineers are at the helm of technological innovation and revolution.

The electrical engineers can specialize on multiple arenas such as robotics, wireless communications etc. They design and create new gizmos such as digital cameras, mp3 players etc. for entertainment sector and also invent communication systems. They develop technologies for different types of electrical energy. In the US newly graduated electrical engineers have a median salary of 57.545 thousand dollars.

Mechanical Engineering : This type of engineering involves designing and innovation of mechanical systems. This type of engineering has many branches such as manufacturing, aeronautics, nanotechnology, nuclear power production, heating and cooling. Mechanical engineers are often known as the general practitioners of engineering as they can be found in every sector such as automobile, computer, biotechnology etc.

A fresh mechanical engineer graduate, if he/she specializes in aeronautics can make a handsome figure of above 65.000 dollars per annum in the UK. From designing and manufacturing parts for vehicles, to harnessing nuclear energy for the benefits of mankind, mechanical engineers are indispensable.

Electronics & Communication Engineering : These are the tech wizards. From designing the stylish automatic robot, touch sensitive computer, to a swanky iphone model, the electronics and communication engineers are the brains behind these exciting innovations. They work with hardware such as circuits and switchboards to bring about the most fascinating innovations. As the name implies, these engineers are also much in demand in the entertainment sector, as they create special effects and third dimensional characters.


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