Engineering First Year : Do’s and Don’ts :'



Welcome to the first year at engineering!! First year at engineering can be very exciting, nerve wracking for most freshmen ( first years). You are now attending college which is a far cry from school. Yes the level of freedom in college is unbelievable. but also since most colleges have a hands off approach towards education – you are mostly on your own. No one will give you ready made notes, you have to do everything by yourself. Good or bad grades – you are ( mostly) on your own.


  • Read The Syllabus : The key to mastering your course is to go through the syllabus and the course – each individual modules, before class starts, familiarise yourself with the content demanded.


  • Stay Away From Booze and Drugs : Just stay away from alcohol and drugs. Its relatively easy to fall into such bad habits and very difficult to come back. Getting high frequently can really wreck havoc on your grades.
  • Establish rapport with seniors : Instead of getting intimidated by them, try to establish a rapport. Seniors will help you navigate the college, will inform you about professors – what you can find out about the courses etc.
  • Build up relationship with professors : This is extremely important. The professors are ones that sets the question papers, will grade them – knows the ins and outs of what works and what doesnt. ( Especially in an autonomous institution).


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