How To Beat the BCom Semesters Easily'

Fretting on how to score respectable marks in your BCom semesters? Look no further!

A lot of BCom graduates fret a lot about scoring good marks in their semesters ( and with good reason!) as in a competitive world – employment prospects depends mostly on college grades = and scoring mediocre or below average grades will limit career opportunities. So read on to find out how you can score some respectable marks in your semesters.


Attend Every Class : If you are studying in a semester/autonomous system, then please do make it a point to attend each and every class and take notes diligently. Most of your questions will be coming from the notes the faculty is providing. They set the exams. So no matter how sick you are feeling, how lazy you are to get up and attend classes – make yourself get up and attend classes – even if they take place early! You will regret it otherwise.


B for Bhalotia : Bhalotia notes is just another word for boon sent from above for BCom students. If you are a BCom candidate – Bhalotia notes can be a high quality supplement, along with your class notes and prescribed reading material.


Ace Theory Tests : Unlike practicals and statistics based exam modules – exams or papers that test your theoretical knowledge have to be approached with caution. Make your answers according to the demands of the question. Use new paragraphs for every new points, and highlight them with different colour ink. In order to draw attention to your points , create new paragraph for every point.


P for Practise : Want an 80/100 in accounts? Then start practising early. Study the concepts, as they are covered in class, and try solving as many modules/question paper as possible!


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