How To Deal With Stress Before Semester Exams'

Are the semesters knocking at your door? Are you continuously experiencing sleepless nights, worrying how you will even manage to perform during exams, how many modules you have yet to cover , how much you are lagging behind your peers? If so, then this essay is for you.

A lot of students struggle with advanced studies , semester tests, extracurriculars in college – especially in the first year. College is a culture shock for some coming from different regions, a struggle for many who get confused with advanced coursework etc.

Performance in college, can determine the track of your future career. A high GPA – Grade Point Average or aggregate ensure that you have a smooth transition to a good career. A lot of the established firms have a GPA or CPI cutoff, and if your aggregate is really low, you might face innumerable hurdles professionally speaking. The pressure of having a great or at least an above average GPA makes college semesters a rather stressful BA experience for most students, below we are providing some tips on how to battle exam stress and perform well on the D Day.

Take The Stress As A Challenge : One of the best way to make through the murky world of academic stress, is via taking it as a challenge. Instead of fearing competition…. why not enjoy it? One of the main reasons why students take a massive stress as they fear that their peers will excel them in some way or other. Stop comparing yourself to peers, and work on your basics.

Study From Day One : One of the best ways to remain stress free, is to study rigorously from day 1. Attend all lectures, rigorously note down everything your teachers dictates, and refer to as many reference books possible. However as mentioned before – always make sure that your basics are clear. Don’t just mug up mindlessly. Once your foundations are clear, you will be able to approach studies more analytically and be able to finish the course well within time.

M For Mock Tests : Take as many mocks as possible. many exam takers flag behind as they fail to perform on D Day. Solving past question papers and solving mocks helps you to keep calm and also become an expert in handling exam pressure and perform under stress. Great time management, is the key to cracking exams and scoring well.

Think Positive : This one’s a no brainer. Study, and think positive. Have full confidence in your preparation. You will surely nail it!

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