How To Face Placements With Low GPA :'

Placement season is on, and you are feeling very blue. Somehow due to some factors you have ended up with a relatively low Grade point Average. Maybe you just didn’t like your subject and neglected it more than you should have. Somehow your grades are on the low end of the spectrum, and you are facing a very real problem – not getting placed.

But first, instead of getting depressed, check thoroughly whether or not your GPA at least meets the cut off most firms visiting the campus have.

Now assuming you are in the worst case scenario – your GPA does not meet the cut off – read on…

Why Low Acads? Undoubtedly you will face this question at your interview, so prepare accordingly. Ask yourself what led to the exceedingly low GPA at your Bachelors. Was it a genuine disregard for your subject? Was it that you were bad at time management? Was it that you faced death of a close family member and found it impossible to concentrate? Only you can come up with an answer. Identify where you went wrong and be clear and upfront with your recruiters.

Highlight Relevant Projects You Had Done : This one is very important, as it goes on to show that you have what it takes and you have sufficient technical knowledge – and drive to succeed. Companies admire people who have drive to get things done, so here, your experience of projects, competitions won etc will come out very handy.

Offer To Volunteer/Participate in Unpaid Internship : With a low GPA, you will not get an intern ship, in a firm that have a high GPA cut off. But what you can do is to offer to volunteer. Volunteering will be unpaid or you will receive a very low stipend. But you will get to learn and perform – and will be basically get to learn the nitty gritties. If you perform well, you will most likely receive a PPO.


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