How To Get Engineering Job/Internship With Low GPA :'


Maybe you had a bad semester. Or maybe you messed up freshman year. Or maybe you just did not take your electives seriously – ( Tip : Engineering folks do take your English, Economics and other electives seriously. While they do not count  towards your major GPA ( Grade Point Average) they certainly do have an effect on your overall CPI and raises eyebrows.


Whatever the reason, moot point is that due to some rather foolish decisions you are now stuck with a GPA that is far from impressive. You are now getting cold feet in thinking that you will be left unemployed whereas your friends go on to become successful interns and land lucrative PPO’s ( pre placement offers) while you are at a loss where to go.


However all hope is not lost. Read on – to find how you can secure a good internship, training contract with a low GPA :


Your major or Unweighted GPA :  How did you fare at your core courses? If your major GPA is relatively strong, employers will be willing to overlook relatively poor elective courses GPA.


Grade Trend : Like many of your peers, you might have had a bad/poor start, but your grades improved after first semester. This can be a huge plus point – as to how you saw where you were going wrong and sought to rectify them.


Related Extracurriculars Done : If you have an impressive body of work,volunteer coding work, technical contests won, your GitHub profile etc. GPA will take a backseat. This works well for CS grads with low GPA.


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