How To Score Well On Engineering Exams'

Arun was a diligent engineering student. He studied regularly, practised questions and answers, did his research well, knew the syllabus as well as the answers by his backhand.

Yet his semester scores were lousy.

On asking his professors on the (lack of ) grades, pat came the reply :

‘’ You didn’t present your answer well.’’

Many students in college wonder at how they are getting lower marks than expected at exams, despite studying hard. This essay will mitigate your concerns on the lack of grades.

Stop Thinking College is High School 2.0 : This is a mistake many students commit. College is not similar to HS. Mugging up with not fetch you any marks here. You have to clear concepts from the first day – and not leave aside subjects and assignments for last minute . Starting early should be your motto if good marks is what you are targeting.

Make Checking easy for examiner : The examiner is not your friend. So the more you make his/her work easy – by making your answers neat and clean, avoiding excessive corrections, the more chances you have of scoring marks. Use blue pen or black men to bold out important points.

Write the Answers in Points : Instead of  writing in large paragraphs, write answers in points and use bullets. Your answer will be more comprehensible.

Add Diagrams : Add diagrams – relevant to the topic you are writing , whenever possible. The professors love to see diagrams – as they reflect your grasp over concepts. In order to attract the examiner’s attention to the diagram, use a different pen/pencil ink to draw the diagram.

Add steps to numerical problems : Instead of skipping steps, include all of them. Dont skip an intermediate step as it creates a very bad impression. When you have arrived at a conclusion – highlight it and write ‘’Solved’’ next to it…..

Subheadings are your friend : With every new paragraph – especially when writing theory, introduce subheadings. They will help you break down each point easily and you can get into the details without mess.

Write As Much as Possible on Theory : Even if you know your material well, even if you think that 5 marks questions does not warranty more than a page answer – write 5 points, elaborate them and make it to at least 2 and half page….


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