Make it Big as a Graphic Designer

It’s not your regular 10 to 6 job. Take a break, think deep, aspire, visualize, unleash that creative talent… do what it takes to stun! Life is cool for a graphic designer!


A graphic designer blends creative flair and technological prowess to come up with aesthetically pleasing designs. Are you that whiz kid, someone who dreams in color, thinks of new designs all the time? Become a graphic designer – You are the “perfect choice”. Employers are looking for candidates like you.


It’s as easy as 1-2-3.


1. Join Brainware’s Diploma Course in Graphic Design.
2. Learn. Pick up Skills. Collaborate Ideas.
3. Campus Interview. Offer Letter.


Many lucrative and creative career choices are waiting for you. You can work as a Visualiser, Image Editor, Logo Designer , DTP Operator, Layout Artist, or Graphic Designer. And as you progress, you can eventually become that heavyweight Art Director. You can also start your own studio if you want.


Here are a few tempting options –


graphics design career


1.)  Advertising Art Director: Work closely with marketing teams to create eye catching visual imagery for movie and television productions. Design stunning product packages and magazine covers that work like a magnet, catching the eyeballs. Are you the best? You could very well get that corner office as the Executive Creative Director of a large global advertising agency.


Pay Packet : Junior art directors – Rs 260k Gross


Middleweight art directors- 585k annual


Senior art directors.- 800k or more depending on the agency.


Web Designer: Everyone loves a beautiful web design. Feel proud, when you know its your work. As the designer, you will design websites, blogs, banners, and so much more, even the personal portfolio of an individual, perhaps the hottest model in town. You will also work on fast, efficient, scalable web apps that are quite a rage these days.


The designer works with both images and text. Select beautiful and appropriate colors, fonts, types, to create stunning designs. Decide how text and images will go together on the website or print.


As a graphic designer, you can be hired by advertising agencies, public relations firms, publishing, industrial design companies, media, and many others. There are those who are even their own boss.


All your dreams will come true at Brainware. Join Brainware’s Diploma Course in Graphic Design and get job ready.


Visit this link to start.

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