Radionuclide Generator: Diagnosis and Treatment of Cancer

Cancer is not modern day disease as many think. It is one of the most dreaded of diseases, often called the ‘Killer Disease’ that has been reported as early as 2625 BC as per the Egyptian papyrus. Before the end of 20th century, there was no way to cure or prevent cancer except for with crude surgery.

After the discovery of X-rays by Rontgen in 1986 and radium by Curie in 1902 the method of cancer treatment became more humane; crude surgery without anesthesia had been replaced by modern painless surgery.

Cancer Diagnosis:- Biopsy & imaging are conventional ways of cancer diagnosis at present. In biopsy doctor removes a sample of cancer tissue with needle or endoscope, then looks at the tissue under microscope to see if it contains cancerous cells.

In imaging, photos of areas inside your body are taken. The photos can be taken through CT scan (X-ray is used to take image), ultrasound (sound wave is used for imaging), nuclear Scan (Nuclear phenomenon radioactivity is applied to take image), etc.

Cancer Treatment:- The most common types of cancer treatment are surgery, chemotherapy(killing of cancer tissue using medicine), radiation therapy(killing of cancer tissue by high energy radiation).

Now let us discuss the diagnosis and treatment of cancer applying the phenomenon “Radioactivity”.
Radioactivity is the phenomenon of spontaneous emission of highly penetrating radiations e.g. beta(β)-rays(negatively charged particles), alpha(α)-rays(positively charged particles), and gamma(γ)-rays(electrically neutral) from some elements. There are basically two types of radioactivity namely – Natural radioactivity (radioactivity shown by naturally occurring radioactive elements e.g. Radium) and Artificial radioactivity (radioactivity shown by artificially formed radioactive elements).


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