Reinforcing Business Communication Skills



Good communication skills are crucial for the development of a positive personality. Poor

Communication starves a business relationship while good communication nourishes it. This is true, regardless of whether you are looking at starting a business or as a member of a team, conducting a project for the business. So, improving communication skills are important for success and one must work at developing verbal and listening skills from the point of view of both the speaker and the listener.


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Engineers looking to contribute to solving the world’s greatest challenges not only need to master rich technical competencies but also must improve the ability to clearly communicate their ideas to others. Together with their technical proficiency, they must acquire sound command on the necessary writing, speaking and analytical skills to succeed in their careers.


It is to be understood that language is just not another medium to answer the technical question; rather language is used for teaching, asking questions and expressing ideas. Thus good communication skill empowers our ability to articulate and underpin our understanding.

Practicing to communicate better lays the groundwork for success in the classroom and beyond.


There are some facts that one needs to consider in order to understand the importance of communication skills for anyone who wants to succeed in business or job.

*A current study conducted by Bersin and Associates disclose that organizations that are able to communicate their logical point of view in a precise manner are 113 times likely to achieve better levels of profitability and efficiency.

*Another study conducted by Global English reveals that 97% of employees surveyed, believe that poor communication can create misunderstanding and create hurdles in the smooth flow of work in the organization.

* Yet another lurching 83% of employees report that poor business communication skills have concluded in a negative impact on profitability productivity, and efficiently operational in their organizations.


It is therefore imperative to gain confidence over this particular skill which will allow you to communicate with your peers, subordinates, supervisors, and clients easily and clearly, and will bring harmony and increase in productivity, resulting in acquiring the ultimate goal of the company.


The ability to communicate strategically is a vital asset in business. It can make the difference between an acceptance and a dismissal, a successful negotiation and an unwanted compromise. Neither a single person nor a whole team can ever establish strategic influence in the absence of effectual communication frame work. Powerful communicative skills are to be cultivated throughout the organization for the desired positive output and for success in the real world.


Engineering is an integrative profession. A specific project may demand the ability to amalgamate and communicate effectively with diverse teams, as well as express complex concepts to a non-technical audience at the same time.


Business communication skill is just not confined to the command over the language; it is all about the capability of using the language to express your point of view to the right person, in the right manner, at the right time. It is the ability to interact assertively and confidently with others; to frame emails or memos clearly and persuasively; to develop successful association with co-workers, supervisors and employees; to discuss effectively and let people into the skill of listening intently; and the ability to negotiate your ideas convincingly at business meetings. At your own business too will find it very hard to supervise effectively without these skills. On the other hand, your business will become far more productive and effective if your employees as well practice these abilities.


Improved business communication skills are to be developed and cultivated by a professional to establish himself or herself as a successful engineer or a manager or into any other career objectives. To ensure success one not only needs to enrich their technical competencies but also hone their communicative skills without fail. For achieving good academic results, presenting ideas, working on your project, being part of a team, participating in different events, facing interviews, fetching a job and sustaining the job for real growth in an organization will undoubtedly call for a balanced technical knowledge with structured business communication skills to deliver satisfactory results.


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