Roomies’ Diary, an exciting anecdote on hostel life


boyshostelCollege has begun. The prospect of fresh classes, cool teachers, new buddies, and more independence are all exciting, but there is one thing most youngsters are worried, rather horrified about – their new roommate.


It can be your first time sharing a room, or it could be your second or third, and so on. No matter what, there is always a chance that you will be stuck in a room with a weirdo! While you may try to avoid that roomie, you never know when he or she comes to your aid. Especially, when you are lonesome and out of things, or even when you need quick tips before exams, your roomie’s helping hand can work wonders! Who knows, in that roomie you may even discover your bosom friend, your confidant!


So my dear friends, fasten up your seat belts as Brainware gives you some steps and tips that you should try before outrightly discarding your roomie as a nuisance.


Firstly, interact. Talking plays a seminal role in removing awkwardness. Chat with your new roomie over the phone through Facebook, whatsapp, or Instagram, but do not forget to talk in person. In fact, there is no replacement for face-to-face conversation. You may even have some great inside jokes to share or stories and real incidents to talk about. Don’t hesitate…you might have to initiate communication if the other person feels jittery or is too shy.


Secondly, attempt to strike a common ground. Maybe you and your roomie share fondness for music or painting or books, or are fitness freaks. Plan some special bonding time, watch a movie together, or go shopping.


Thirdly, compromise is imperative. Don’t set pre-conceived notions about your roommate. That is unscientific. You have to accept that the other person you’re living with is not the same as you…he or she might not always agree with you and might not be perfect in your definition. On the contrary, you two might be poles apart. He or she can be unkempt, or noisy. You can’t prevent your roomie from inviting friends over. Again, your roomie may view you as garrulous and lazy!


Fourthly, give up saying “It’s mine”! Learn to share…nobody brings everything along. Each one of us has difficulty in sharing, but you must be ready to part of your stuffs at times. Thus, adjust and co-operate.


Lastly, if you have any issue, talk it out. Quit blaming him or her in public or among other friends and embarrass your roommate. This might deteriorate your association with your roomie and cause serious headaches in the future.


With these tips on mind, you’ll surely sail through. All the best! 🙂


* The photo shows the boys’ hostel at Brainware Barasat Campus.

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