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Introducing Corporate Etiquette

Introducing Corporate Etiquette 101
Lets face it…. the professional world is poles apart from your college life or home life. It is a cut throat world in which even though you have allies, you are often left alone to fend for yourself. Office place can be far from a bed of roses, but if you follow the staple office

Electricity Through Plastics

Electricity Through Plastics
We are very much familiar with the word ‘Plastic or Polymer’. Not only in our daily lives but also in the fields of industry and agriculture, plastics and plastic products have become indispensible. Plastics are good insulators. They are used to insulate electric wire made of copper or aluminium. Suppose you get a shock. Then

Present Job Scenario of Civil Engineers in West Bengal

Recession is a great problem of India as well as in West Bengal. So long we have been suffering deeply from the unemployment problem in general, and in particular we are much concerned about people having degree in general course remaining either unemployed or under employed, as the job prospect is very meagre in this

Technology and its relevance today

Human life is totally dependent on technology. Every day is a new adventure and technology constantly improves the space around us, helps us to evolve, and be better! It took years to be what it stands as today, firmly footed. As a comprehensive term, technology is the invention of tools and techniques. It is closely

Why do we love Technology?

Technology is a be-all that has come to shape nearly every aspect of our lives today. From communication and travel to procuring and sharing valuable information and entertainment, we constantly reply on technology for our basic activities. In fact, the versatility offered by technology has made tremendous impact in all dimensions of human life.  

10 Quick Tips About Better Management

According to the management guru Peter Drucker, management includes both marketing and innovation. It is a factor of production comprising machines, materials, and money, that consists of the interlocking functions of creating corporate policy and organizing, planning, controlling, and directing an organization’s resources in order to achieve the objectives of that policy. Management can be