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Present Job Scenario of Civil Engineers in West Bengal

Recession is a great problem of India as well as in West Bengal. So long we have been suffering deeply from the unemployment problem in general, and in particular we are much concerned about people having degree in general course remaining either unemployed or under employed, as the job prospect is very meagre in this

Upcoming Seminar on Advances in Civil Engineering

‘Green building’ is a very modern concept of using processes that are responsible environmentally and are resource sufficient all through the life cycle of a building – its design, method of construction, its maintenance and operation, renovation and ultimately its demolition. The green building design is a balance between the sustainable environmental conditions and between

How to choose the right computer engineering institute

Computer engineering is an interesting branch of computer study because it aims to solve problems of computer processing, system control, research problems using the study of computer science and electronic engineering. Thus, courses in computer instrumentation, programming, control system, analog and digital electronics and also computer robotics are matters of study. Only when we come

Technology and its relevance today

Human life is totally dependent on technology. Every day is a new adventure and technology constantly improves the space around us, helps us to evolve, and be better! It took years to be what it stands as today, firmly footed. As a comprehensive term, technology is the invention of tools and techniques. It is closely

How meditation helps the learning process

  They say meditation is good for everyone. It has already been a clichéd dictum about meditation. It is much important for anyone to get out of the hubbubs of daily life and go on a retreat for your mind’s sake. A crystal clear mind having had lots of rest is ideal for settling down

Why do we love Technology?

Technology is a be-all that has come to shape nearly every aspect of our lives today. From communication and travel to procuring and sharing valuable information and entertainment, we constantly reply on technology for our basic activities. In fact, the versatility offered by technology has made tremendous impact in all dimensions of human life.