Types of Corporate Etiquettes You Should Be Aware Of

Today we will discuss the different types of corporate etiquette that exist in office places. Although there are some basic etiquettes that apply to all industries and sectors, the corporate etiquette sector is multidimensional and have several etiquette from how to interact with your boss and co workers to how to successfully handle the clients. In this essay we will underline just a few of these.

Clothing Etiquette : Needless to say, one of the biggest faux pas you can commit as an employee is to show up underdressed or overdressed. An office is above all things a professional place and you just cannot show up dressed like a Christmas tree or a pajama party guest. You cannot go all bling and flamboyant, nor can you dress provocatively.

The ideal office attire is neat, clean, formal and discreet, sophisticated without inviting too much attention. At the same time, many of the large companes encourage their upper rung employees to power dress – that is dress in a manner which commands respect, but at the same time does not make you stick out like a sore thumb.

Types of Corporate Etiquettes

Types of Corporate Etiquettes

Co Worker Etiquette : This one is a no brainer. A healthy working environment totally depends on the equation you share with your co workers. In order to have a good working relation with your co workers, respecting some basic boundaries, is essential. Building up a good professional rapport is not exactly a rocket science. All you have to do is respect their boundaries, be cordial without coming across as over friendly, and inquisitive. Respecting their privacy, and to avoid getting involved in petty office politics.

Interview Etiquette : Again a no brainer. In order to land a job in the first place, you have to pass the interview with flying colours, and to do that you have to impress the interviewer. In order to make a favourable impression, you have to appear confident, articulate but at the same time, not come across as arrogant or cocky.

Make sure to be familiar with the companies vision and mission and be cognizant with their mode of working. It goes without saying show up for the interview at the time specified as punctuality is one of the most valued qualities in an employee. Stay calm and composed during the interview and do not react if your interviewer subjects you to questions you have no suitable answer for. The primary objective of your potential employer is not to harrass you but find how well you react to stress.

Telephone/Mobile/Videochat Etiquette : In a corporate environment, interacting with clients, is a given. However many clients can be less than polite, especially when they are addressing grievances. Don’t lose your cool at any cost in this situation. Remember its nothing personal, and try to handle heated conversations in acalm, mature manner. But in case the client gets uncouth, you can pass the call to a senior.

Desk Etiquette : Is your desk neat or cluttered? According to reports, the state of a desk/workstation speaks volumes of an employee. Keep your desk neat and uncluttered. Avoid keeping stacks of files at your desk. If pssible label each file chronologically, so that locating them will not be an uphill task. Moreover avoid bringing in personal items such as teddy bears, photoframes etc. Office is a professional arena, and even if iyou feel at home you cannot personalise it.

Office Party Etiquette : Remember this for once and for all. There is nothing called an ”informal” office party. Smart casual attire does not mean faded jeans and baseball cap. Office parties are not places where you can let your hair down, it is a platform where you can get yourself noticed. If you have creative or organizational talent, this is the place for demonstration. Even if the food is delicious, eat in moderate quantities. On the other hand if the menu is not to your liking, do not eat so little as to become conspicuous.

Office Toilet Etiquette : Make sure to leave the office toilet as clean as you found it. Make sure to flush and don’t leave dirty tissues etc around. Also do not spend an abnormal amount of time in the toilet, as there are other people in the toilet queue.

As mentioned before basic office etiquette is not rocket science, you can easily master them with a bit of common sense and lots of practice.

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