What You Should Check Before Enrolling At An Engineering College


Your college where you will spend the next 3 years will be one of the most important  factors in your life. The years spent at your college are formative years where you will learn the basics of how to survive and prosper in the professional world. Right from academics to extracurricular – how well you perform at college will be an indicator of  how well you perform in the future.


However before joining a college, there are just a few factors you have to keep in mind, if you want the best out of your institution.


The Faculty : Yes, before considering an engineering college, kindly find out the quality of the faculty. If you have a good faculty, that can help you form a good fundamentals, clear concepts and also offer quality mentorship, then you will have a good scope in securing good results. ( As mentioned before – academics are very important, when it comes to your future).


The Placement Cell : Conduct some basic research as to how the quality of placement cell is, whether or not pre placement training such as soft skill development etc is provided or not. Also check if the college provides 100% placement assistance or not.



The Facilities : If you are an engineer, do some check up on the quality of  labs ( laboratories), the equipments stored there etc. If a general student, examine the library service provided. If you are enrolling for a residential programme, do a thorough check as to the condition of hostels etc.





  1. We should very concerned about these 3 years.

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  3. I will choose faculty or facility nothing more.

  4. swamimittal526@gmail.com' Jason Todd says:

    to choose a college first thing you should do
    1. ask questions to final year students about college and management.
    2. look for labs and seminars
    3. high authority doesn’t mean good college
    4. academics.

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