Why ECE Has Emerged as One Of The Most Exciting Major Ever

Crazy about gadgets? Are you among those who have always wondered how electrical gadgets work, what makes them tick? Then a career in ECE – electronics and Communication engineering beckons you! ECE deals with construction, maintenance and repair of several electronic devices like gadgets, circuits, transmitters, receivers etc. It also deal with basic electronics analog , digital transmission and reception of data, voice and video.


Below we are providing some of the top reasons why ECE – is an exciting major right now!


Great prospects : In 2017, a joint report by Assocham and NEC technologies revealed that the demand for electronic gadgets is predicted to grow at a CAGR ( compound growth rate ) of 41% from 2017-2020. It is supposed to reach 400 billion by 2020! So you can imagine that the demand for talented and competent electronic engineers is here to stay!


Brilliant Salary Prospects : Freshers with zero experience starts with approx 3.5 lakhs per annum ( Payscale.com) with enough experience and knowledge of relevant technology such as MATLAB and Project Management you can look forward to earn as much as 15 lakhs per annum!


Diverse career choices : After completion of degree a wide avenue of job options is open for you, Amongst them you can work in communications related industry such as broadcasting, entertainment, data communication , home appliance and VLSI designing hobs  as well as civil aviation departments in state governments, telegraph departments, defense, PSU’s like BHEL and DRDO etc. You can also work in cross disciplinary fields like automotive electronics, mechatronics, telecommunication and wireless networking jobs.


Versatile Discipline : ECE is a super discipline which when brought in combination with other disciplines of engineering gives rise to cutting edge technologies . For example electronics combined with computer science and IT  gives rise to mega powerful technological inventions like cellphones, home automatons and Internet of Things. When combined with Mechanical engineering results in genesis of mechatronics which can give rise to super robots that can substitute human labor.


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