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Placement at Brainware
Brainware's job does not end with offering courses and recruiting candidates. The student's welfare takes priority here. With that on mind, Brainware has devised a uniquely planned elaborate pre-placement drill that prepares the students to be job-ready.

Pre-placement grooming
Here pre-placement grooming starts just 6 months after the commencement of a course. The rigorous pre-placement grooming ensures improvement in communication, both verbal and non-verbal, and interview etiquettes. Lectures, seminars, group discussions and mock interviews are frequently conducted to ensure all-round development of the students.
The Placement cell accomplishes a multitude of activities that involve generating requirements, posting on PC1forum (internal forum) for informing students , nominating eligible and interested students, sharing the student database with the clients, arranging interviews, publishing result on the online forum, and many more activities. Moreover, each student is given 4 to 5 interview attempts.

Job Fairs
2 to 3 job fairs are organised every year. Each fair extends over 6 days. A large number of clients from different domains as well as students from all our district centres are invited to attend the fair. Job fair at Brainware is carried out with great success. Around 700 - 750 students are placed every year.

Placed Students